About us

Who are we?

We are a group of friends that have been adventuring together since 2005, (the release of Vanilla World of Warcraft). Since then, we have transitioned and competitively progressed throughout a multitude of MMOs continuously expanding both our group and our gaming prowess. In the team, we have a colorful cast of professional players with experiences ranging from both: PvP and PvE. In addition, our team can handle smaller chores, such as leveling and grinding reputation. Our boosters maintain a strictly professional attitude when an order is received, it will be treated with care and precision and will not be delayed, or left uncompleted.

Why choose us?

Due to the nature of the boosting industry, many new websites manifest offering cheap and unbelievable services to lure people away from their money. However, many of these websites do not possess the credentials or merit to offer such services and simply abandon jobs, or fail to complete them. Therefore, it would make sense to employ reliable and trustworthy websites to suit your boosting needs. With such a prominent and trustworthy track record, our team will never abandon your boost, nor leave it uncompleted. We are a friendly team who will help with anything, ensuring that your every need is catered to and respected.

Our client safety measures

Our top priority is keeping the information and integrity of our client’s accounts safe. Our team does not utilize any third-party programs, scripts, or any other harmful programs to complete a boost. However, if it is deemed necessary we will employ measures to improve your safety; although this will never be without the client’s permission. If granted your permission we can use a private VPN (virtual private network), to match the closest destination to you to ensure minimal risk of disqualifications or other penalties. Moreover, while a member of our team is playing your account they will be courteous to other players, will respect all game rules, and will act within sensible guidelines to ensure minimal risk of interference. In addition, after an order is completed all client information is wiped from our database and we will no longer access your account.

Our goal

We built this service because we are players too and know what it feels like when a player is stuck at a certain stage in the game. We strive for professionalism, research, learning, and improvement. For us, the most important thing is mutual pleasure.