Dota 2 Coaching

Our top 100 Dota 2 boosters can help you improve your overall gameplay or any role or hero gameplay. The only way to improve is to have proper guidance and lots of practice.




Dota 2 Coaching


Why should you order Dota 2 coaching ?

Everyone needs some guide no matter how good the player is there is always something more to learn. Everyone has been stuck at some point at some MMR, and it’s hard to move on without proper guidance. Simple things that you know but you don’t pay attention to might lead to significant improvement in your gameplay, but someone needs to point to direction on what to change and how. Our professional Dota 2 boosters achieved top 100 and better ranking on EU and US servers and they would try to give you the best tips and point on mistakes that you make in your gameplay (if any).

How does Dota 2 coaching works ?

There are various ways to do Dota 2 coaching service. We can watch your stream and analyze your gameplay live, we can watch VoD and analyze, or our Dota 2 coach can play a duo game with you. It’s on you to choose, whatever you want we will do our best to notice if there is any mistake in gameplay, and give you advice on what to fix and how. We can help you improve your Dota 2 gameplay for any role and champion. We won’t waste your time, we will give our best to teach you as much as possible for the time you paid for.

How about Dota 2 account safety ?

For our Dota 2 coaching service, we don’t need you to share your account info. And we will never tell anyone about your in-game name or reveal any personal info to anyone, so you have full anonymity.



Frequently Asked Questions about Dota 2 Coaching

Q: Who will be Dota 2 coach ?

A: Only our best Dota 2 players who have achieved getting into the top 100 or better are doing coaching.

Q: When will you start working on my Dota 2 coaching order ?

A: We try to make every order done as fast as possible, usually we are able to start in few hours after we receive your order. But sometimes all of our Dota 2 boosters might be busy so it can take longer, you should always check with us before ordering so we can tell you the exact time when the booster can start coaching.

Q: How long will it take for you to complete my Dota 2 coaching order ?

A: Depends on the number of hours that you order, if it’s 1-3 hours we will try to make it as soon as you and Dota 2 coach is ready. Therefore, if you order over 3 hours, we might need to do it split into few days, as it might get exhausting for you and the coach to do it in one day, and the best way to learn is to practice what you have learned.

Q: How can i be sure you are legit and i won’t be scammed ?

A: We are boosting for 12 years already, therefore we formed a website in 2017, you can check on the internet, there is no negative feedback for all those years, and we have done over 5000 orders so far, which should be proof enough. We are here to stay, we strive to be the place for all the needs of any and all gamers. As well you can check reviews from previous customers, unfortunately, most of the customers don’t leave feedback.

Q: Can i get refund ?

A: In case we still haven’t started doing a boost and for any reason, you decided that you don’t want a boost, we will refund you on your request, tho we have to dedicate any amount that is lost due to processing fees of payment, and we will send you proof that it’s exactly the fees of transaction. It’s usually 3-5% . Also if we are unable to complete the service we will do a full refund.

Q: I still have unanswered questions, where can i contact you ?

Feel free to contact us with any question that you might have about Dota 2 Boost, you can do it on live chat ( bottom right corner of your screen ) , or you can contact us on Email, Discord, or Skype, you can find Email , Discord and Skype contact in the top left corner of your screen, or at bottom of the page, or go to the Contact page.


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