Overwatch Golden Weapon

As the OW golden weapons are proof of dedication to some hero, but it takes a lot of time to actually get one, we can help you get one as fast as possible. All of the services on our website are done by players and 100% handmade. We prefer accounts around 2500 SR. If you purchase 1500 + CP, your account will be 2500-3000 SR range when we are done. If you are under 2500 consider it a free boost while we are getting OW golden weapon.





Overwatch Golden Weapon

Advantages of purchasing Overwatch Golden weapon farm

  • You don’t need to spend weeks trying to get your desired golden weapon
  • You don’t need to deal with people who are destroying your matches so you get less competitive points
  • You don’t have to lose your nerves watching and listening to people flaming, while you warming 300 wins
  • You can get your weapons faster
  • You can prove your dedication to a specific hero by having a golden weapon
  • You will stay on the same or be on higher Overwatch rating approximately you will be on 2500 to 3000 SR once we are done

Advantages of purchasing Overwatch Golden weapon farm on our website

  • We have friendly support and boosters
  • We will tell you ETA before you pay, and we guarantee it will be done in time we told on the start
  • We won’t use any kind of hacks / cheats / exploits or any third party software
  • We will use VPN closest to your location
  • We will complete your Overwatch golden weapon boost as fast as possible
  • Our boosters are professional players and they have been boosting since Overwatch release
  • We will try to answer any your question about how to improve Overwatch gameplay
  • If you are unsatisfied, or you changed your mind we will refund you without a question, in case some progress is done, we will keep only what we worked for
  • You can ask us anything even after your Overwatch boost is done



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