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MMO Boosting Service offers WoW coaching. Our professional and experienced boosters can help you with any questions you might have about any endgame content. We got professionals WoW players for PvE and PvP content.




Wow Coaching

Wow Coaching info :
Q: How does WoW coaching work?
A: We will help you with any questions you may have about the game. For this coaching, we prefer to screen share so we can talk about your gameplay as it occurs. You can as well check our other WoW services, as WoW Honor Leveling, WoW Mage Tower, WoW World Quests and more.

Q: What can I learn?
A: We will answer all your questions to the best extent we can. However, we also deal with common subjects that people want to learn about or with tricks on specific classes, learning about playing against different classes, or any question about PvE content

Q: Who will be assigned to my WoW coaching order?
A: We employ our most professional players for WoW coaching order, this is so they can answer any of your questions and give you the best feedback. However, if you already have ordered from our website before, and you liked the previous booster you were working with, we will assign him/her on your demand.

Q: When will you start coaching me?
A: As soon as we receive your order we will check the availability of our players and will notify you with an ETA; most of the orders don’t take more than 24 hours. However, this time will depend solely on if a coach for WoW is available.

Q: Is my account safe?
A: Your account is absolutely safe, because we will not be logging onto your account for this service, nor do we encourage any programs harmful to your account security. All WoW coaching is handled over a video sharing platform, or via Skype.

Q: I have other question unanswered about WoW coaching, where I can contact you?
A: You can write to us on a multitude of live chats for instance: Skype, Discord or Email. This is merely a matter of preference, but we will strive to answer any questions on whatever platform you decide to ask it on.


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