Wow Mythic

MMO Boosting Service offers you WoW Mythic + boost up to level 15 keys. We can help you finish any Mythic difficulty keys. Our professional boosters can help you gain chests faster in mythic + dungeons and gear yourself.




Wow Mythic

WoW mythic  info  :

Q: What are WoW Mythic dungeons ?

A: WoW Mythic 5-man dungeons are the next step up from heroic difficulty for which you must manually form your own group and enter the dungeon yourself. Legion only. You can find mythic keystones to further increase difficulty and get better rewards. If you need other services, we can help you with WoW Gearing, WoW leveling,  WoW World Quests etc.

Q: When and how much loot do i get loot in WoW Mythic Dungeons?

A: You do not get any loot from Bosses or trash mobs during your run, regardless of difficulty. You do get  one  to three loot chests at the end of each run, which depend on your performance:

One chest is guaranteed for completion a WoW mythic dungeon doesn’t matter if you have made it in time or not.

To get two chests, you must beat the timer by 20%.

To get three chests,  you must beat the timer by 40%.

The chests upon completion WoW mythic dungeons are personal loot and contain guaranteed two items for your whole group

Q: Who will be assigned to my account for WoW mythic order ?
A: We employ our most professional players for your WoW mythic boost. However, if you already have ordered from our website before, and you liked the previous booster you were working with, we will assign him/her on your demand.

Q: When will you start working WoW mythic boost on my account?
A: As soon as we receive your order we will check the availability of our boosters and will notify you with an ETA for your WoW boost. Most of the orders don’t take more than 72 hours. However, this time will depend on if a booster for WoW is available and the size of the order.

Q: Is my account safe?
A: Your account is absolutely safe with us, as previously mentioned in the “About Us” tab, we are a group of long-term friends and dedicated gamers. We have never and will never use any third party software, meaning scripts or hacks. However, we must mention that account sharing may be against the company’s terms of service. Therein, there is a minor risk of repercussions from boosting your account. However, in our 12 years of gaming we have never had a problem with this, nor have we heard about anyone receiving punishment for boosting. So you can rest assured that everything will be fine after your WoW boost order is done.

Q: How will I know when my WoW mythic boost is finished?
A: We will notify you as soon as the order of your WoW boost is done via email /skype /discord.

Q: I have other question unanswered about WoW Boost, where I can contact you?
A: You can write to us on Live chat, Skype, Discord or Email. Whatever you prefer, and we will answer you as soon as we receive your questions.


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