WoW TBC Professions Boost


WoW TBC Professions Boost


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WoW TBC Professions Boost


Why should you order WoW TBC Professions boost ?

World of Warcraft TBC professions leveling can take lots of time, especially if you are first time playing The Burning Crusade content. Our professional boosters have been playing WoW since its original vanila release. We are experienced to do it fast, and our WoW TBC boosters will dedicate themselves to complete as fast as they can, so you have your character ready without spending so many hours leveling.

How does the WoW TBC Professions boost work ?

As soon as we receive your WoW TBC Professions leveling order, we will assign our WoW TBC booster as fast as we can. We will notify you once we assign the booster and approx time of completion for your World of Warcraft TBC Professions Leveling boost order. Also, you can ask for the approximate time for your WoW TBC Professions leveling before you purchase on our live chat, discord, or skype. Once the booster starts playing we will do our best to complete it as fast as possible. Our boosters are highly skilled and very dedicated, which means they will level it as fast as possible. Therefore have in mind if you order on TBC release or some days after, it might take a longer time for completion, due to lots of people rushing to get level 70 as fast as possible and collecting all materials needed for WoW TBC professions.

How about WoW TBC account safety ?

Your personal and WoW TBC account info is safe with us. We will never trust a stranger with your info, your account info will be shared only with the WoW TBC booster that we assign. And all our boosters are doing orders for over a year, so you can rest assured everything will be fine. We do not use any kind of hacking, cheating, botting, scripting or whatever is out there, our WoW TBC leveling boost is done by hand, so there is no risk of getting permanently banned. As soon as your World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Professions leveling boost is done, your account info will be wiped from our database, PCs, etc, therefore we always advise you to change your password before and after you order boosting services. We have never encountered any bans, as we don’t use any third-party programs, therefore we have to let you know that there is a small chance of being penalized for account sharing, we haven’t got any so far, but that doesn’t mean there is no chance for it.


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